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Someone over in the [ profile] doctorwho community took a moment to rank the third season's episodes. Since finishing "Treasures of Lost Gallifrey" has been so tough (but it is coming), I thought I'd kill time in the meanwhile by indulging myself this way. So this is how I'd rank the third season's episodes:

1. "The Family of Blood"
2. "Human Nature"
3. "Blink"
4. "42"
5. "Gridlock"
6. "The Shakespeare Code"
7. "Smith and Jones"
8. "Utopia"
9. "The Sound of Drums"
10. "Last of the Time Lords"
11. "The Lazarus Experiment"
12. "Evolution of the Daleks"
13. "Daleks in Manhattan"

Notes: I love "42." The more I watch it, the more I see great character moments and, in particular, a real turning point in the Doctor's relationship with Martha. I mean, gee, that moment in the medlab where he admits that he's scared? He would never have admitted fear like that to Rose; it's a moment of perhaps unprecedented vulnerability for him, and in that moment, he trusts Martha without even thinking about it. He puts his life in her hands completely. It's huge. He'll never love her the way he loved Rose, but he finally has to admit to himself that other people are just as capable, just as resourceful, and can be relied upon just as well. That moment at the end, when he pauses before giving her a TARDIS key, it's as though he's finally saying to himself, "You know, wishing for Rose won't bring her back, and you do Martha--who's smart and strong and resourceful--a real disservice by continuing to compare them to each other." I think this episode is underrated in so many ways.

I think "Gridlock" is a little overrated, in part because it's sort of a "End of the World" retread: Companion gets into trouble, realizes she's taken a ride with a stranger, pushes him to tell her who he is, and they become friends. The concepts are cool, and the secondary characters are fun and well drawn. It just doesn't draw my admiration the way "42" does.

I may reconsider the placement of the series finale trio, mainly because there are scenes I keep going back to watch again and again. Somehow, it's growing on me, despite some of the incredible stupidity. It still isn't as awful as the Torchwood episode "Cyberwoman," which I've finally seen and can now finally appreciate its awfulness.

Anyway, that's what I've got this morning. "Lost Gallifrey" will return, though it's taking a turn I hadn't expected--a good thing but a challenge.


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