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Jewcy, a Jewish community web site, is running an article on fan fiction and, specifically, the best Harry Potter fan fic. I'm still trying to figure out the cultural connect. I'm Jewish and I don't see it.

I need to stop. It's hurting my head.

In the meanwhile, here's the piece. I suspect I'm not the only one who will be interested in this.
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"The problem Dr Who always used to have was never a failure of imagination or a failure of script. It was a failure of obviously being a man in an unconvincing costume hiding behind some wobbly scenery. I love the fact that we are now in a world where the storytelling technology has caught up with the human imagination."

The man's got a point.
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While doing research for an article I'm writing (my job is so cool), I discovered this article. It starts off like this:

A CARDIFF priest loves Dr Who so much he is preaching to his congregation through the Time Lord.

St Paul’s Church, in Grangetown, Cardiff, was used as a location for an episode of the first series of Doctor Who starring the ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston.

And parish priest, Father Ben Andrews, 32, says he loves the cult TV show so much he thought a themed evening would go down well with the youngsters.

He said: “I love the series and it has such a great following that we couldn’t resist doing something for young people on a Dr Who theme.

“We will be looking at the idea of Jesus as a Lord of time and showing who Jesus was and the different images of him throughout time.

Read the rest here.

I am resisting mightily the urge to make snarky remarks about coopting Doctor Who in the name of God...but it's really hard....
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From How fanfic makes kids better writers--and copyright victims

We walk a fine line, doing what we do, and it is copyright violation.

It's also fun.

It's a pain in the butt, knowing as much as I do about copyright because of my career, and indulging in fanfic. There's a part of me that feels like an enormous hypocrite.

I'll learn to live with the cognitive dissonance.


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