Aug. 16th, 2007

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Two pieces in progress, each vying for my attention:

1) A piece set during the Year That Didn't Happen (for the [ profile] telling_a_story ficathon). Martha is in Seattle, trying to find a pirate radio station that can help her get the word out. In the process, she meets a local radio personality who's had a very tough time and needs to be convinced that Martha's message is worth the bandwidth (in what may be the weirdest crossover fic this fandom will ever see). Former Microsoft employees are trying to hack the Archangel Network. The toclafane are using the top of the Space Needle as a hub for operations. Must finish this thing.

2) A piece that started out as a way to write an encounter between Jack and Nine but is turning into a proper adventure that may not have any sexual content at all . . . in which case, since I want to write at least one Jack/Nine smut (I still don't know why, except to get it out of my system), I have to come up with another idea. Or just write the smut sans plot and get it over with (which doesn't respect the characters but may make me happy).

And in a development I didn't expect, over at A Teaspoon and An Open Mind, more than 450 people have read "To Be Sure," and several have liked it enough to leave reviews. I'm sort of shocked. "Redecoration" got a quarter of that sort of attention.


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